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Back from South Africa

It was a wonderful trip, both working face to face and delivering a 2-day workshop to 38 delegates.

I want to thank Melanie Savvides for being my collaborator, workshop buddy, driver and for introducing me to the many friends she has in the SA dental community.

I want to thank Wright Millners for hosting the workshop and providing not just the premises but a superb catering package.

I want to thank all the dental practice owners who took a leap of faith and committed to my training and coaching.

I want to thank all the team members who sacrificed their weekend to listen to my presentation.

As I said during the week, it was another week with a community who think they are different and, in fact, are just the same.

I'm not stupid - I know that living in South Africa presents unique challenges and requires diligence.

However, what makes people tick remains the same wherever I go in the world.

Maslow got it right.

I'll be back in South Africa first week of June and I'm already looking forward to it.

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