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BACD Friday

First things first – hats off to the team for holding the conference at the Hilton Metropole on Edgware Road. My heart sank when I first saw the venue – this has been a rather crappy tourist Hilton for so long – but – we walked through the door last night to find the recently completed refurbishment and the ground floor areas are gorgeous. Here are some quick observations:

  1. the trade show is well laid out, presented and populated

  2. the meeting rooms are well equipped, roomy and excellent

  3. the exhibition catering is fabulous

  4. the programme is compelling (its not often I sit through somebody else’s 3-hour presentation on the entrepreneur mind-set – but Rahul and Bhavna Doshi this morning were engaging)

  5. I’m not a clinician but the delegates are giving me very positive feedback about the sessions they have attended

  6. the spirit of the conference is high

All in all – a great environment – winners networking with winners – no whiners in the house. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Rita Zamora and her husband Michael last night, 23 floors up enjoying good food, conversation and a fantastic London skyline. On the personal front – connecting with so many friends. On the professional front – talking future business and projects with innovators. I can put my hand on my heart and say that I’m in the zone here – loving every minute of it. We will miss the gala dinner tonight – feeding one’s younger adult children is a Primeval urge that cannot be resisted. Looking forward to tomorrow and another day of lectures, meetings and chance encounters. Thank you BACD and my sincere congratulations to my friend Zaki Kanaan as he becomes President later today.

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