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Average Daily Yield

The Average Daily Yield (ADY) is the amount of actual and nominal income that each dentist and hygienist brings in on a daily basis. Depending on the type of practice you operate, this can be made up of:  1.   Number of UDA’s times UDA value; 2.   Nominal hourly value of capitation or membership scheme service; 3.   Fee per item service and work. Its important in the case of item 2 that you are measuring what’s actually happening rather than a nominal value — especially if there are any loss leaders knocking about like first consults. Clearly, what we are trying to ascertain is the contribution to business revenue that each income generator is making. What we find is that in a general dental practice associates on a 50% contract should be targeting at least £1000 a day, principals at least £1500 a day , hygienists £675 a day (and here I am assuming a national average price based on my observations). The winning habit for all income generators is to keep a handy chair-side sheet that is updated after every appointment — and the total calculated at the end of each day. Its amazing how it suddenly galvanises everybody to keep an eye on the top line — it’s the responsibility of the owner and the senior team to keep an eye on the bottom line, using the KPI’s we espouse in Breathe Business. A conversation for another day is how shifting to either a hygienist or therapist based assessment system can significantly increase the dentists ADY.

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