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A web site that features simple line drawings with deep messages. The phrase “perception is reality” echoes in my mind as I look at this graphic. How many times do we tell ourselves that we are “failures” – and how many times “successful”? Fact is – we display both characteristics during every day of our lives – and the score-keeper changes by the minute:

  1. spouse/partner

  2. kids

  3. extended family

  4. friends

  5. suppliers

  6. employer

  7. team-mates

  8. clients

The list goes on. And based upon the feedback from all of the categories, we make a decision about ourselves. But the world of business would like to sell us more “stuff” by convincing us that we are failures. Can you think of a product or service that starts it’s pitch with “you are already successful – and we can help you to stay there or get better”?

  1. You already have a beautiful smile – would you like to keep it?

  2. Your teeth and gums are lovely – let’s make sure it stays that way

Any other ideas?

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