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Associate web sites - Drew Winstanley

Abundance mentality - if my associate has the drive and enthusiasm to create their own website, that demonstrates a talent that must be nurtured. It can only be for the good of the business, the team and the patients.

Scarcity mentality - if my associate creates their own website, I see that as a threat to my core business and an indicator that they will soon leave to set up their own business.

You get to choose which mentality to adopt.

(before you ask - in mixed practice I agree that an essential part of the agreement is to achieve any UDA targets as well as developing private treatment sales)

I'm sharing with you here the website from Drew Winstanley, associate at School Road Dental Surgery in Sheffield, who fortunately demonstrate abundance mentality.

It's a simple but effective site and, in particular, I love the "My Story" video:

Chris. Just want to say a massive thanks so far for all the work on the Associate Development Programme, it’s been fantastic. I’ve gained so much from it. I was already doing some additional clinical training but the past couple months has opened my eyes to how much more I need to learn and be able to offer as the modern day associate. I’m looking forward to carrying on tuning in, in the run up until Christmas and beyond in 2021.

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