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Ask yourself – Is my marketing evocative?

There have been mixed responses to Monty the Penguin (the John Lewis Christmas advert)


– 19,000,000 views and counting

and the WW1 football match (the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert)


– 14,000,000 views and counting

(Videos have been added for our non-British readers and anybody in Britain who has been living in a cave.)

Whether you like them or not – they have EVOKED a response (John Lewis can’t sell enough Montys at £85.00 each).

You are allowed to EVOKE a positive or a negative response.

If your marketing isn’t EVOCATIVE then don’t bother – you will be lost in the noise.

What does EVOCATIVE dental marketing look like?

Watch this:

and ask yourself – how close to this does my marketing deliver?

It’s time for emotional marketing to take its long-awaited and rightful place in private dentistry.

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