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Are whistle blowers good or bad?

Client emails me overnight as follows:

“Anonymous letter to the GDC, about our recent ad in XYZ Magazine, where the phrase –

“ABC Dental carries out specialist treatments such as Implants (Dr A) and Orthodontics (Dr B)”

Has been construed as misleading in that we have effectively said that Dr A is a specialist in Implant Dentistry for which there is no specialisation currently within the GDS and that we are implying she is “better” than a normal Implant Dentist (!!) and my fitness to practice has been called to question at a hearing of the GDC in January.


Speak soon…………….from my prison cell“

Now the fact is – that the advert is incorrect and does contravene guidelines – guilty as charged.


Is it really necessary for some low-life dentist to go to the trouble of writing ”anonymously“ to the GDC?

(by the way – it has to be a dentist – yes? Surely no member of the public could be bothered or would know/care?).

What’s wrong with picking up the phone to a fellow professional and asking ”could you change that please mate?“

I feel bad because I know this stuff and the client didn’t think to run it past me first – I would have nipped it in the bud.

Maybe I need to communicate better the fact that I do proof loads of stuff for clients.

I’m sure the client has suffered a ruined day/month/quarter, fretting about what will happen at the GDC.

Equally sure that the tax-payer will ultimately bear the cost of a shed-load of bureaucracy to settle matters.

As it happens, my client is one of the nicest and most ethical guys imaginable, running a lovely business with happy patients and team – and working flat out for local charities when he’s not at work – just a super-nice bloke.

Who now has a stressful hearing ahead.

All because some dentist thinks its fair game to blow a whistle.

A bloody gutless back-stabbing wimp with low self-esteem.

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