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April DBC prizewinner: Dhru Shah

April DBC prizewinner: Dhru Shah – 3 months DBC digital coaching Dhru Shah, founder of What did you study and where do you work? I am still studying. Education never ends. I graduated as a dentist in 2003 from the University of Sheffield and am now studying a MClinDent in Periodontology at Guy’s Hospital – all going well, I hope to complete my exams and become a specialist in Periodontology in 2012. was created as an online education resource for all those who want to read, discuss, learn and educate from each other. Share and learn! When did you first hear about Chris Barrow? I first heard about Chris Barrow when I started dentinaltubules and was looking for authors. Chris Barrow’s articles on strategy, planning, and more importantly the finer details, really struck a chord with me. I really enjoy reading his articles as they help me grow personally and professionally. Why did you sign up to receive Chris Barrow’s ezine? I regularly read Chris Barrow’s articles (and of course publish them), I regularly see his social media and his links to the ezine. So I thought, why not have it sent straight to my inbox now too. What do you most look forward to in your 3 months of DBC digital coaching with Chris Barrow? Working out a direction and future strategy on some of Chris Barrow’s principles and ideas and learning from his experiences . What do you enjoy most about working in dentistry? Ever since a very young age, I always enjoyed the subject of medicine. I was enthralled by how the body functioned and the biological processes. I decided at a young age that I would love to be a surgeon – gain medical knowledge and be able to use my hands. My biology teacher from Kenya, Mr Mulanda, ignited a huge interest in biological and scientific principles, and I have never forgotten that. In addition to this, I always cared for people. In the charity work my parents carried out, I was always involved in helping them and had great enthusiasm in supporting their work. I developed an inner need to care for people. As I grew older, the benefits of medical learning and also applying a technical aspect were tempting and eventually I made an application to study dentistry. The fact that I interact with people and provide an element of special care to every individual truly inspires me. The fact that I learn and apply scientific, biological and technical prinicples excites me. And the fact that now I can share and learn through my education and through has opened a whole new world of possibility for me.

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