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Apple wizardry

I’m sure I’m not the only reader who will have had this experience. Yesterday I popped in to the Apple Store in Liverpool to buy a My Passport 1TB portable hard drive and USB 3.0 cable. In the past, I have had my debit card swiped in the Apple machine and receipt emailed. This time: “do you have your iPhone with you?” yep “do you have the App Store app?” yep “OK – just open the app on your iPhone” yep At which point my iPhone welcomes me to the Liverpool store and opens a QR code scanner. I scan the purchase with my iPhone. My iPhone asks for my Apple password and the security code on my debit card. And the transaction is complete – receipt emailed. I walk out of the store with an inane grin as the team member smiles benignly at me, rather like a visiting alien from an advanced race who has decided that Earthlings have a long way to go…. I wonder how many years before this technology appears in dental practice?

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