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Anxieties about returning to work

Three categories of team members and self-employed clinicians are manifesting themselves in the current climate.

How they perform and behave is largely "payback" for how well you communicated with them during lockdown.

  1. On the bus - "when do we start and what can I do to help?"

  2. Off the bus - "I've decided I'm not coming back to your practice/to dentistry."

  3. Half on the bus - "I'm unable to come back at the moment."

The third category can be subdivided into:

  1. Mitigating circumstances - "I cannot come back right now because of child-care issues, vulnerable relatives or some other factor."

  2. No mitigating circumstances - "I'm worried about Covid-19, about PPE, about flexible working hours, about my new job description. I don't want to come back until you can offer me full-time work."

The people who are on the bus are your heroes - look after them.

The people who are off the bus - goodbye.

The people half on the bus with mitigating circumstances are due compassion.

The people with no mitigating circumstances need to join those who are off the bus.

Pick your team well for the months ahead.

Be fair and firm. be kind, do the right thing.

Get expert advice on any HR issues.

Do it quickly.

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