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and now – from the coach – a contradiction!

OK – so I ended yesterday’s blog by announcing myself as the anti-preparation coach. And it occurred to me that I just spent the whole afternoon revising and updating my “Quarter 2 workshop” PowerPoint slides for The Dental Business School. Yes – I did it myself – loaded a funky new background from, changed a bunch of last year’s slides and added some sexy new Excel templates because we are talking the “money thing” this time around. “Ask not how to do it but whom can you ask?” What happened to that? Answer – I just love doing my own slides – its a real mental holiday to play with the backgrounds, the content and the workbooks/handouts. Every time I do it I have fun and feel incredibly self-righteous and well prepared, a month before the workshops are due to start. it also means that Team CB have a ton of time to get it all ready. So maybe we need a distinction here. If you have a thriving practice, plenty of clients, a championship support team, robust systems and a brilliant marketing funnel – you can occasionally take some time to play. But if you are practice-building and doing all this stuff – then you are hiding in the b/s funnel?

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