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an update

I owe you that. The messages of support have been overwhelming – thank you. The 16:00 “deadline” came and went – we remain vigilant and very securely protected. I have discovered today that the hired thugs presented themselves at the “famous” Hale Cafe on Tuesday morning, announcing to the manager that they had a scheduled meeting with me there (a complete fabrication, of course). They then handed her a copy of the letter from the dentist’s lawyers to me – the same one that had been delivered to Annie earlier. She was very upset by this and I called her this morning to apologise for her and her staff being unwillingly drawn into this. This afternoon, my lawyers contacted the dentist’s lawyers with a strong “cease and desist” fax regarding the 4:00 o’clock “deadline” text – the response to which was, to say the least, dismissive. He also reported to my lawyer that the police were to be contacted today or Monday with details of “my wrongdoings” – that will be interesting. So – we face a weekend of some uncertainty. Has the dentist called off his thugs? We don’t know. I’m so proud of Annie, who has refused to be openly affected by this – her Scottish heritage burns bright this week and she has been an inspiration. Both of us have completed a busy schedule of work this week – me as business mentor and she as social media manager. We have continued to serve our clients and I like to think that nobody would have known the difference had we not agreed to publish. We discussed and decided early on that this attempt at intimidation and harassment was not going to change us. We are Chris & Annie.

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