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An opportunity?

I’m looking for someone to step into my shoes. Someone to help me as we build a major new corporation in UK dentistry next year. I blogged at The Showcase that 2012 would be my last year coaching external clients. Those clients have already been consulted with and have signed up for 2012 – I’l be working with a group of around 30 clients and they know who they are. We are still blessed by 2 to 3 new enquiries per week from dentists wanting help – to start, to grow, to recover, to survive, to sell – and I will continue to offer them a free consultation and to point them in the right direction. In January, my new business partner and I are launching a new corporation that will have diverse interests in independent private dentistry – I will write more about this in my next ezine – out soon. As a division of this new corporation, The Dental Business Club is going to grow. It will become a business skills development school for all team members from telephony through to practice management. I need a business coach to head up this operation, initially to deal with new business enquiries and, within a short space of time, to become Managing Director of the UK’s premier practice management school and to take the brand beyond Coach Barrow whilst still getting the same results for clients. I need people as bold, outrageous and provocative as I am – people who are prepared to have an opinion, give direct feedback, tear up the rule book, innovate, challenge, work long hours and care for their clients as if their lives depended on it. I’m hiring NOW. Please apply to

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