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Abundance mentality

I met a man with an abundance mentality today. The first I have met for some time. He believes that:

  1. his young team will do a good job

  2. his new and inexperienced practice manager will rise to the occasion

  3. his associates will be productive

  4. his existing patients will keep coming and

  5. will refer others

  6. that new patients will arrive in sufficient numbers

  7. that he is a great clinician

His practice needs a considerable refurbishment, a complete rebranding and a complete marketing and patient journey make-over, new financial monitoring systems – in fact, “the works”. There is no way that the business would win any awards at the moment – it desperately needs a facelift (I described it as a 1992 dental practice frozen in time). But he stayed very calm (because he is always very calm) and simply asked me to show him and the team how to create a 2012 dental practice. I’ve had a great day, doing what I do. But an even greater day working with a quiet leader. I doubt that his profile will ever rise in the media, in the profession – he was ego-less. But I have 110% confidence that, in a few years time, he will probably send his practice manager and team on stage to pick up an award – and stay, quietly, at the back of the room. It’s so long since I met anyone like that – it took me the first hour to figure out what the hell was happening – and the rest of the day inspired by his leadership, management and attitude. He made me confident and peaceful – I know he does that for his team and I’ll bet he does it for the patients. Fabulous. Unflappable. Abundance.

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