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A week’s holiday

I suppose the last 10 days have been a classic example of home office syndrome.Every morning I woke at least two hours before the family (6 hours before the boys!) and wandered in to check my emails and see what’s happening.

I appreciate and apologise for the fact that I have intruded on some of your rest space – sorry.

It’s interesting that today, 2nd January 2005, is the first that I have not had any incoming mail.

It underlines why I do not want a home office if we ever get back to Florida – and also why I often spend weekends away from the English apartment because I get drawn in to the same syndrome there.

Is this a lack of self-discipline, poor boundaries? Maybe – I just find the physical presence of the computer and connection irresistible. Probably more based on fear and anxiety than anything else (OMG – I wonder if anything has gone wrong – crazy but true).

Later this morning I will drive away from Como and do not intend to be on-line or contactable again until probably Saturday/Sunday. Geneva, Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, the Eiger and a visit to Bastogne in Luxembourg are on my list. The mountains because of my interest in climbing (especially the Eiger, to see the famous North Face from Grindelwald) and retrace (visually!) Joe Simpson’s epic attempt.

The latter because I have been following the trials and tribulations of the USA 101st Airborne in my reading list recently and I’m fascinated to see where they were held under siege during WWII.

As you may have read in the blog, the trip has been somewhat complicated by the death, yesterday morning, of my Mum’s only brother. This may mean my altering my itinerary somewhat – we shall see.

As a result of this, I will be checking my cell phone messages, so in an emergency, contact me via that or use the contact form on this site.

Anyways – I wish you all a fun week without me poking my oar in everywhere.

Thanks for all you are.

Back on 10th January for The Dental Business School’s first 2005 workshop and then three weeks on the road with Barbara and the dental clients.

Much love.


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