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A walk around historic Edinburgh

Cold though the day was, my afternoon walk around the Old Town and along The Royal Mile was a good chance to clear the cobwebs and enjoy the architecture of the city (apart from the horrendous Scottish Parliament building).It’s strange to hear the sound of real bagpipes played from the door of the real bagpipe shop – at the same time as listening to Christmas Carols emanating from many of the dozens of tartan and cashmere boutiques, busily distributing their wares to Americans, Japanese and a goodly number of other Pacific Rim nations (must be half-term over there or something).A half-pint of 80% Caledonian in Deacon Brodie’s Tavern was a traditional moment.My evening was spent at rest, enjoying some pasta al forno and a glass of Pinot Grigio at Gennaro’s in the Grass Market and then back to my room for an early night.Today I’m live and uncut here at the Cally – the first of� 5 consecutive� days of presentations.

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