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A "thank you" makes such a difference

Something rare and unique happened yesterday in Farnham. Before our marketing workshop, my client and friend Dr. Tim Thackrah of Elmsleigh House Dental, made a surprise presentation by way of thanks for 3 years of coaching that has matured into a close friendship. My gifts were a Mont Blanc fountain pen and a leather-bound journal. Writing is one of my core values and I have never owned such an exquisite pen or such a large and obviously expensive journal.

I would have liked one of those publicity shots with Tim and I smiling at the hand-over but he had to dash off for the day – so the best I can do is above. I was so completely delighted that the rest of the workshop day was fun, informative and full of laughs – because I was in such a nice mood. I know we cannot go around handing out flashy pens all the time – but it just reminded me of what a difference some genuine appreciation can make. My trusty sales manager drove all the way from Farnham to Derbyshire yesterday, hoping to complete new business with a couple of prospects from our “gig” in Doncaster last week. He left full of vim and vigour – and I spoke to a dejected version of Paul late last night as he made the long journey back South with nothing but promises and fresh air. Dentists do love to procrastinate. But that’s the life of a professional salesman and, as much as you may qualify a lead before you travel, sometimes it just doesn’t happen for you. My leadership responsibility last night was to lift Paul by telling him that I had secured a new client during the workshop and that we were dealing with 4 firm enquiries received during the day. In conclusion, I’m in a place this morning where I’m reflecting on how we sometimes forget to appreciate those around us – and the difference it can make when we do.

“The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and compassion.” Elizabeth Knox – The Vintner’s Luck

Without that – we have nothing.

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