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A new regime

I’ve been falling steadily behind with work these last few weeks – as a result of the sheer volume of work that accumulates as we continue to work with our clients and, at the same time, begin the process of building the new company for 2008. Suddenly, a lot more business development time is appearing in the diary – including 4 days this week, working with Bonnie on cash flows, diaries and sales copy. To accomodate that and my desire to kick off the marathon training, I’m implementing a new and tough schedule which involves an alarm call at 5.00am, 2 hours of client emails, a 30/40-minute run and then business development and/or coaching until about 5.00pm, when I start to turn back into a frog. Today was the first of these – I love the solitude and peace of the early mornings – a time when my mind is fresh and uncluttered – I can light a candle, make a cup of tea and focus on answering questions. This morning my run was along Gyllyngvase Beach at sunrise (aargh – sunrise at 7.00am!) – truly beautiful. And then 3 very productive hours of writing sales copy with Bonnie at Harpers Bistro by the marina in Falmouth – a lovely location.

Its 5.00pm now and I’m just about to switch off and enjoy a concert at Princess Pavilions this evening, where Turin Brakes are playing. Falmouth doesn’t often see headline groups – very excited.

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