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A million minutes

Good morning from Belfast.

Yesterday I completed the Practice Plan Regional Workshop Tour with Sarah Buxton - incredible to think that the tour was first mooted back in 2019, with the intention of covering a very different syllabus and nobody could have predicted the conversation we had with our delegates yesterday.

No big surprise that our Q&A session included:

  • Dealing with the effects of the Omicron variant in the short term;

  • The appearance of acquisitive micro-corporates in the Northern Ireland landscape;

  • Nurses pay;

  • How to recruit clinicians (a.k.a. "where are they?");

  • When to sell and who best to sell to;

  • Whether there is any future in delivering NHS dentistry.

This morning, I'm buzzing as today we deliver our first Extreme Business manager's training day of 2022.

I'll be talking to our delegates about leadership, management and how to build ideal teams in the current environment.

My first client workshop since Thursday 5th March 2020, when I delivered an in-house session to 15 team members at Queensway Dental in Billingham.

Little did I know that it would be 679 days before I'd be back on my feet in front of clients.

That's a million minutes (more or less) that have changed all of our lives permanently.

09:00 this morning - the lights dim, the band strikes up, the curtains open - and it's showtime folks!

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