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A day in Lichfield

Tuesday was a practice visit in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I am reminded of one of the golden rules of marketing: 1. Enrol your existing customers as your unpaid sales force. I am delivering this practice visit because the principal is great friends with one of my former clients, who has told him to “get Barrowed up” and also because his practice manager formerly worked for another Dental Business School client. She is already Barrowed up and wants to bring our systems into her new employer. So after nearly a year of delay and procrastination I finally arrive.

  1. Practice premises are 9/10;

  2. Team are 9/10;

  3. Literature, Welcome Pack, Smile Check all there – 10/10;

  4. Clinical skill and CPD – 10/10;

  5. Equipment 10/10.

But the principal is working 45/50 hours a week, is tired and has lost his “mojo”. The most telling comment from the team – “we used to go out for lunch together once a week and for a drink every now and then – now there is no social aspect anymore – it’s just work.” What’s the problem? It’s in the price list – prices are a good 50% lower than I observe as I travel around the UK. The dentist is scared to increase prices – and so his family and his team are suffering – and his debts are increasing. What follows is a superb day of coaching. End result – a new vision for 16th May 2009 and an energised team and principal – oh – and a new DBS client! Before driving home I take a few snaps of the famous cathedral.

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