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Account StatisticsIts interesting to check my account with periodically and see just how many emails I receive and how many of them are spam. As of this morning, the count since 19th September 2004 is as follows: Messages Processed 17937 Messages Forwarded 9470 Spam Percentage 47.2% So I certainly think my fee to Spam Arrest has been worthwhile – and I also reflect on 9470 genuine emails in 8 months – and wonder how we all managed to survive in business before email came along. I also reflect on the fact that my support team handle the vast majority of “operational” emails in the business – so what I am receiving is genuine enquiries and questions from clients, strategic alliance partners and suppliers – as well as my team, family and friends. This has been described as the “age of information” and these statistics (shared in a blog – of course) seem to bear that out. I wonder how we will be communicating in 10 years from now?

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