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90-minutes of free training on marketing in the year of Covid

During last night's Tubules Live event, my co-presenter Derek Uittenbroek from Ignite Growth asked two questions that cleverly demonstrated the difference between selling products and benefits.

He imagined a dental conference at which the following were alternative questions:

Q1 - Who wants to buy an intra-oral scanner?

Maybe a few hands are raised.

Q2 - Who wants to increase their Invisalign case acceptance?

The majority of the room raise their hands.

Now imagine the application of that approach in your patient communication.

Derek's presentation is well worth capturing - a fascinating look at varying levels of consumer motivation and the factors that influence choice.

My own contribution was to look at marketing in the Covid environment - there are plenty of free downloads embedded in my slide deck - which I share here below the YouTube video of our evening.

We also debated the relative merits of external and internal marketing and how they can work together.

The whole 90 minutes would be a great refresher for your marketing team on what makes patients tick and how to capitalise on that. Maybe spread over a couple of lunch and learn sessions or the main focus of a marketing and TCO training session.

My thanks to Dhru and the Tubules team for making this possible.

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