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7 weeks

7 weeks ago to the day, 6 people met in a Bristol hotel. At that meeting, I was able to confirm that we had secured a 7th team member – a financial backer who had agreed to support us on the back of a hastily adapted business plan, one good conversation and 10 years of mutual trust and friendship. I asked the 5 others present to join with me in building a new venture that would continue and evolve our work. I asked them to believe in the difference that we make, believe that our clients would support us, believe in themselves and believe in me. They did so – with passion. That afternoon we debated and agreed a name for our business – 7 of us who believe in Seth Godin’s vision of The Connected Economy. 7 weeks later, to the day, we present And if you take the time to tour the web site, you will find that we have a complete package to help start or grow your practice and a portfolio of services to meet your individual requirements. But I’m not here to “sell”. Dan Sullivan famously said back in 1993, “clients don’t wake up one morning deciding to hire a coach, they wake up, having had enough of the situation they are in and decide to do something about it.” That decision might be to start, to turnaround, to grow or to sell your practice. We simply aspire to be the people you call when that morning arrives for you. My purpose in composing this post is to show my genuine appreciation. First, I appreciate that this might sound like an Oscar speech or a eulogy – please bear with me – there are some things that must be said so that I can enjoy the closure and move forward. Secondly, I appreciate:

  1. Nikki Berryman as project lead – the perfectionist at all times

  2. Dental Design as web site architects

  3. Apex Hub as social media managers and sometimes graphic designers

  4. JSP Media Group as video specialists

  5. Stuart Reekie for his extraordinary photography

  6. EK Communications for their excellent PR advice and copywriting

Finally, I appreciate my 6 partners at 7connections and thank them from the depths of my soul for their trust, supreme efforts and belief. Thank you Tim, Tim, Nikki, Karl, Phillippa and Jon. We have triumphed over adversity because no-one can take away the trust and respect that we have for each other, the passion for what we do, the commitment to our clients – and the indomitable spirit with which we approach every day. We’re back – and if you would like a one-page summary of what we do – here it is.

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