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4.3 million men in the UK experience erectile problems

Thankfully, I’m not one of them (my kids at that point say “er Dad, that’s disgusting”) but I suggest that more people are likely to read at least the start of this post as a result of the headline than would have if it had read:

British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2018

The moral of which is, that in a world in which we suffer from a poverty of attention, you sometimes have to break the rules a little to get yourself noticed.

So “we do dentistry” probably isn’t going to stop the crowds in your online and offline promotional material.

That includes all those before and after teeth and gum shots on Instagram, the only attention you will get there is from other dentists – the rest of us are bored.

You can see from the photograph that the folks who make viagra decided they had to get people’s attention at Waterloo station this morning by being just a little bit BOP (bold, outrageous and provocative).

However, now that I do have your attention, here’s a heads up that I’ll be speaking at various points during the two days at the NEC:

  1. a twice repeated session on Leadership & Management in The Compliance Clinic

  2. Saturday – The Role of the Dental Therapist in dental practice marketing in the Hygienist and Therapist Symposium;

  3. Saturday – How to turn your patients into raving fans in the Practice Plan Business Theatre

  4. both days – a Q&A panel session for Dental Focus

My objective in each of these session will be to create mischief and mayhem with my audience – after all, how else am I going to get them/you thinking?

You will also find me, along with my 4 cycling companions, Ashley, Sheila, Les and Simon on our own generously donated little stand for FivegoForth – our Lands End to John O’Groats charity ride in September.

Apart from that, I’ll be networking around the conference so please do come over and say hello.

And for all those dentists who actually do suffer from erectile problems, I’ll look forward to seeing your amazing vehicles around the NEC hotel car parks.

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