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3D CBCT scans

Hi Chris, We spoke briefly at the BDTA in Birmingham last year. I told you about a new project I was working regarding 3D dental x-ray / CBCT. To update we opened our first centre on June 21st this year, we aim to have another 9 around the UK within the 3 years. Our USP isn’t the £170k 3D machine, free parking, late night and weekend clinics. It is our key member of staff. We have employed a guy from the US called Ryan Roosecrans, he has been doing this sort of work in Atlanta for the past 3 years and brings with him a huge wealth of knowledge. He can help advice the dentist in all things 3D, and has already begun developing great relationships with the local specialists. Ryan has some great presentations regarding 3D imaging, if you know of any events where he could present I would love to make him available. Our key selling points to general and implant dentist are: > NO CAPITAL OUTLAY With our service you only pay per scan, safe in the knowledge that you are not tied into owning an expensive piece of capital equipment > Eliminate the Unknown The diagnostic power of CBCT provides you and your patients complete piece of mind > Superior Outcomes Clinically proven solutions to aid implant planning, ensure precise placement, and improve success rates > Vast Experience Our specialists have worked with thousands of 3D CBCT scans at every level: Scanning patients, providing reports, DICOM conversions and modelling, virtual implant planning, CT Guided surgery – we are your your comprehensive 3D solution provider > We truly believe in the power and benefits of CBCT for your patients and your practice. We feel the best way to make our case is to allow the technology to speak for itself – we will gladly scan your first patient free of charge. In the mean time, I would very much appreciate a plug in your news letter and blog. We will be delighted to extend the offer of a free first scan to any of your subscribers within shouting distance of the office in Ilkley. Very best wishes Peter 01943 601222 07515 340209 360 Visualise International Development Centre Valley Drive Ilkley LS29 8PB

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