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#188- The Artist Formerly Known as Chris Barrow

Dental Leaders Podcast

Dental business coach Chris Barrow’s direct manner has earned him comparisons to a certain divisive fermented yeast spread.

In this week’s episode, Chris looks back candidly on a long career as one of dentistry’s proto-coaches and best-recognised speakers, reflecting on the profound personal transformation taking place as he approaches his seventh decade.

Chris also chats about dealing with practice politics and resistance to change and what coaches can learn from the stories of religious prophets.

Plus, stay tuned to hear Chris give the most concise rapid-fire summary of the current state of play in UK dentistry you’ll ever hear!


In This Episode

02.21 - Marmite

19.25 - Self-actualisation

26.48 - Darkest moments

38.31 - Discovering dentistry

50.24 - Practice politics

01.03.34 - Getting results

01.14.13 - Key skills

01.24.23 - Blackbox thinking

01.28.56 - Coaching and karma

01.33.27 - Two Reds

01.40.15 - Public speaking

01.42.26 - State of the Nation address

01.50.02 - Health, wellness and longevity

01.55.30 - Last days and legacy

01.56.46 - Fantasy dinner party

About Chris Barrow Chris Barrow is a prolific speaker and the founder and director of the Extreme Business Academy coaching and consultancy programme.

Over a career in dentistry spanning almost three decades, he has worked with some of the UK’s leading dental practices and organisations

Chris is also the host of the dental business development podcast, Two Reds are Better Than One.

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