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11 tips for leading and managing Millennials in your dental team

Millennials will represent 40% of the total workforce by 2020. Like it or not, they are critical to the success and sustainability of your business. If they don’t want to work for you, your organisation will die.

Louis Efron – Forbes Magazine

The reality is that Millennials (age 17 to 37) have an entirely different world view from those who are older – that probably means you if you are an owner or a manager.

It’s critical to take time out and understand how they differ and the impact that has on your leadership and management style.

They simply will not fit into your traditional systems and will have no hesitation in moving on if your workplace doesn’t fit.

Here are 11 extremely insightful tips for managing Millennials in the workplace – I suggest you print the article and keep it somewhere as a reminder.

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