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100 dental businesses who said "YES!"

If I may be allowed a moment - I want to express my gratitude to the 100 dental businesses who have now registered for our 2022 coaching programme.

For me, fully booked with 6 weeks to go until the start of the new year is one of the the biggest votes of confidence that I've enjoyed in my 26 years in dentistry.

I'm inspired, humbled and delighted by the experience of the last 9 weeks since we announced our plans.

Here at Extreme Business Team CB have already begun our preparation to launch - a 36-month quest to provide training, consultancy, coaching and mentoring, focused on doubling the profits of each and every one of those clients whilst delivering the highest standards of clinical care, customer service, leadership and management.

To coin a phrase from the start of my coaching career in dentistry (1997) - "more profit in less time, with happy people".

Now that we have completed our marketing for The 100 - the work of delivering on our promise begins.

To those who have joined us - thank you for placing your trust and confidence in me and the team.

My life recently has been full of special moments and this is one of them.

They, of course, haven't just said "yes" to me - they have also saida resounding "yes" to their own bigger future.

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