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100 days

100 days until the end of 2021.

100 days:

  • to hit your personal targets for 2021;

  • self

  • financial

  • family

  • social

  • intellectual

  • spiritual

  • To hit your professional targets for 2021

  • strategic

  • financial

  • marketing

  • sales

  • operational and compliance

  • environmental

  • team

100 days:

  • to get your business and personal plan written for 2022 - and make it your comeback year.

You might want to start that whole process by asking yourself 100 questions about the shape you are in right now.

See attached a free download - The Clean Sweep 100.

Clean Sweep 100
Download PDF • 269KB

100 questions about your physical environment, your wellbeing, your money and your relationships.

I first completed my Clean Sweep in 1996 - my score was 40/100.

25 years later I'm at 90/100 and still working on it (I'll be doing that later today as part of a face to face meeting with my business and personal coach Rachel Turner).

It's 100 days until the start of my new 2022 coaching programme - The Extreme Business 100.

I'm taking 100 clients on a journey to increase profits and sale value by 100%.

We are one week in to our launch and already have 45/100 clients registered for next year, with 60 names in my pipeline of interested clients. The response has been phenomenal - an indicator of a renewed hunger for success and peace of mind.

I'm 100% convinced that I'm going to reach the target of creating a community of 100 of the best dental practices in Britain.

100 days to finish 2021 on a high.

100 days to get ready for your bigger future.

Ready, steady - GO!

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2 comentarios

Hi Chris

I counted only 24 for Physical Environment, not 25…

Please accept my apologies - my OCD compelled me!!!

Great post though and has given me focus for my journal today - at least that proves I’ve spent time combing through the document!!!


Me gusta
Chris Barrow
Chris Barrow
26 sept 2021
Contestando a

Your OCD serves you well my Young Padawan - let the force be with you

Me gusta
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