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10 golden rules for recruitment

  1. You are looking for needles in a haystack - the right people are few are far between and tough to find;

  2. You are going to have to kiss a lot of frogs;

  3. When reviewing CVs, ask yourself - has the candidate gone to the trouble of formatting it properly, do they have a good command of English grammar and can they spell (or get their spelling checked)? That attention to detail is important in the work that you do - in its absence, discard;

  4. At the end of the career history in a CV, look for a history of achievement outside of work;

  5. No amount of CV creation, interviewing, psychometric profiling or work experience will tell you whether you have the right candidate - the only way you will figure that out is during the first 12 weeks of actual employment/hiring;

  6. So make sure that every hire involves an initial probationary period that allows you both to walk away;

  7. Fail fast;

  8. Always remember that a bad hire is much worse than no hire - so don't ever plug a gap with the hay and not the needle;

  9. Accept that recruitment is a lottery and you don't always win - new recruits often leave in the firs 12 weeks of their own volition - that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or your business;

  10. You NEVER stop recruiting - have a careers section on your web site, frequently refer to career opportunities in your marketing content, always have an eye out for the chirpy barista, create a waiting list of potential recruits, ask your patients, suppliers and community to recommend family, friends and colleagues.

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