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£800 million and they forgot to get the grass right?

OK – maybe a bit of sore losing on my part – but the honours for the season have been shared well on reflection. I’m just glad I didn’t have a seizure a few weeks ago and pay the £1750 asking price for a pitch-side seat at the new Wembley – or, for that matter, have to pay £4.50 for a Pukka pie or £10 for a programme. The FA representative on the radio this morning argued that the “prices were in line with other major sports events and rock concerts”. And I suppose he has a point – I noticed that £100 tickets to see Barbra Streisand in London this July are now on offer at about £750 each. I suppose the meat pies will be expensive at the London Arena as well. So are live sports and entertainment now only the preserve of the super-rich? The “prawn sandwich” section – as they are now known? It would seem so. Back to the football. Chelsea get 2 trophies – that acknowledges their struggle to maintain form for the whole season in the face of injuries and back-stage dramas. Man United regain the Premiership and Ferguson can confidently assume his rightful position as the most successful team coach of the last 20 years. It was very saddening to see Notts Forest lose to Yeovil Town at their own ground last night in the play-offs of what is a minor league – and those of us watching reminisced that the same Nottingham club won the European Championship (was it twice?) under the charismatic and unorthodox managership of Brian Clough. Beware the ides of May Leeds United! I have only two wishes for the rest of what has been the best season for some years:

  1. Jose gets his dog back and

  2. A C Milan stuff Liverpool.

I’ll be watching the Champions League final next Wednesday with my mates Sital Ruparelia and Paul Copcutt – sat with a Ugandan Asian and an expatriate Brit, watching Scousers play Italians, in a French-speaking hotel in Canada. We should order in a Chinese meal. Surreal.

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