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Increase Sales & Profit by 100%

Unbelievable...... Chris brings the best out in you. Makes you realise the things you never realised and sometimes makes you realise the stinking obvious..! Great individual and absolutely great dentist staff motivation and direct dentist mentoring. It has helped our practice turnover big time! Would recommend him to anyone.......

Sunny Sihra Simply Teeth The Brief
  • Sunny owns 3 clinics that offer mixed practice services in NE London
  • We have been working closely on the communication skills of his clinical team with the objective of increasing private treatment sales
  • I have also coached Sunny on his own private treatment sales with successful results
  • We have internally promoted a Marketing Manager and I am training and coaching her on the implementation of low-cost internal marketing systems
Source of client
  • Word of Mouth
Increase Sales & Profit by 100%

I had owned a practice for over 10 years before I started working with The Coach - I had always been self-confident / borderline arrogant enough to think why do I need a coach? But over the last few years I have met some inspiring clinicians - practice owners and business people - they all shared one thing in common - they had worked at some stage with CB.

So being a lover of marmite - CB’s own metaphor - I took the plunge and can honestly say I have no regrets at all.

His analytical approach fits perfectly with my style - even if I am a little slow to implement the changes - and I look forward to the coming months for positive changes

Ross Cutts Cirencester Dental Practice The Brief
  • Review existing marketing plan
  • Introduce the practice to Digital Marketing in dentistry
  • Work with existing Practice Manager and Marketing Manager to implement the new marketing plan
  • Liaise with existing external marketing agencies
  • Liaise with web developer on new web site
  • Mentor clinical team on communication skills
  • Mentor owner on overall strategy for existing location and satellite(s)
Source of client
  • Referral from existing client
Increase Sales & Profit by 100%

The difference that working with CB as my coach makes is it shows me the way forwards during the more complicated days. Those days when it is hard to see the right path in the fog of information and multitude of options to manage and develop my business.

In short, Chris is the voice of common sense and a true genius- hire him now.

David Heath Shine Dental Care The Brief
  • We have covered a lot of ground in the time we have worked together!
  • Recruitment of a new management team (external and internal appointments)
  • Assisting Sharon in the creation of management systems and monitoring
  • Overhaul of all financial monitoring systems
  • Implementation of a full marketing plan
  • Review of branding and web site development
  • Assistance in the recruitment and coaching of apprentice dentists (David is one of the pioneers in this area)
  • General and ongoing advice on team development
  • Discussion of overall strategic plan for expansion by opening further cold squats
Source of client
  • Word of Mouth
Increase Sales & Profit by 100%

The difference that working with CB as our coach makes is extremely mind opening - effective structure, trust and getting to the point.

Violeta Claus Violife Luxembourg The Brief
  • Violeta is originally from Romania, lives in Germany and operates this clinic in Luxembourg
  • The regulators in Luxembourg place draconian limitations on advertising and marketing, limiting owners to a simple one-page web site and no external marketing at all
  • The challenge was to build Word of Mouth recommendations by delivering a world-class patient experience and also embrace robust WOM systems
  • We reviewed every step of the patient journey with the whole team, with particular reference to the fact that Violeta is one of Europe’s leading dentists in Digital Smile Design
  • We also had to embrace the multi-lingual nature of the patient database
  • Violeta has since progressed with a large expansion plan and, on the same premises, has created a Smile Design Centre, a post-graduate academy and a juice bar!
Source of client
  • Direct approach from the client
Increase Sales & Profit by 100%

CB is my coach because I needed someone who really knows and understands about digital marketing and can get my practice to grow again. It’s only been 4 months but big changes are being made. Last month was a bumper month in productivity and we’re hoping that this continues.

Liz Weeks Specialist Orthodontist, Abbey Orthodontics Hampshire The Brief
  • Liz first contacted me a few years ago and we enjoyed a day of sightseeing in London whilst discussing and creating her 3-year vision for her single-handed orthodontic clinic in the lovely Victorian town of Romsey
  • She contacted me again in 2016 with an admission that her branding and marketing systems were “dated” and that the gradual decline of NHS ortho provision in the area had created the motivation to do something different
  • Liz has an excellent and enthusiastic team around her and so my job was made easier by the fact that they had a hunger for knowledge and no reluctance to implement new ideas
  • During the year we have designed and constructed a comprehensive marketing plan with relatively low extra expenditure
  • That had been achieved by the realisation that the existing and former patient database are their most powerful ambassadors and that their patient stories are valuable marketing collateral
  • Through selective paid media, a complete overhaul of the existing web site and the development of active social media management, the practice has enjoyed a booming 2016 summer and is well placed to enter the final quarter of the year and into 2017
Source of client
  • Former client who has returned to coaching