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Just £249 or 3 monthly instalments of £97.

31-day coaching programme for practice owners

Daily automated emails, tasks and resources sent direct to your inbox

Printed and bound workbook available at a nominal, not for profit price

Weekly accountability from Chris Barrow analysing your progress

Weekly video tutorials on key topics for the year ahead

Free one-month trial to the Extreme Business Academy on completion

Discounts on online training courses for you and your team

We all know New Year's resolutions don't work. But my proven "Get Your Year in Gear" programme process is key to successful change.

Successful habits take at least 21-days to become fully embedded - but on this webinar I'm going to share some of the GYYIG tools to create this. There is no performance without accountability, no accountability without measurement - but GYYIG will deliver a simple set of tools to enable you to keep on track.




I've been coaching clients on their personal development for over 22 years and have learned from the Masters of Coaching that permanent change requires the right tactics and the right gang.


It's tough to make changes all by yourself, no matter how determined you are in the post-Christmas and New Year weeks. This 31 day coaching programme will help you plan turbo-charge the whole process and give you a much higher likelihood of success.

The Get Your Year In Gear programme is designed to create the best possible chance for YOU to make this coming January a springboard for YOUR best year yet.