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Deliver a remarkable patient experience

The difference that working with CB as our coach makes is extremely mind opening - effective structure, trust and getting to the point.

Violeta Claus Violife Luxembourg The Brief
  • Violeta is originally from Romania, lives in Germany and operates this clinic in Luxembourg
  • The regulators in Luxembourg place draconian limitations on advertising and marketing, limiting owners to a simple one-page web site and no external marketing at all
  • The challenge was to build Word of Mouth recommendations by delivering a world-class patient experience and also embrace robust WOM systems
  • We reviewed every step of the patient journey with the whole team, with particular reference to the fact that Violeta is one of Europe’s leading dentists in Digital Smile Design
  • We also had to embrace the multi-lingual nature of the patient database
  • Violeta has since progressed with a large expansion plan and, on the same premises, has created a Smile Design Centre, a post-graduate academy and a juice bar!
Source of client
  • Direct approach from the client