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Extreme Business dental buying group





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The origins of The Extreme Business Buying Group began in response to the Covid-19 crisis and the formation of a lockdown coaching programme for my existing coaching clients.

Back in the days when the Prime Minister announced the closure of business (as we knew it), there was a period of huge anxiety as we all waited to see what financial support would be made available to the business sector and individual employees. Later, it became slowly apparent that PPE requirements were going to become more onerous and that the owners of smaller independent practices would find themselves at the back of the queue in terms of supply dates and pricing.

We formed the buying group with a  trusted friend and former client Dr. James Hamill - who after a successful career as an implant dentist, had sold his practice to BUPA and was focusing on his dental supply companies, Quintess Denta and Quoris3D - in early May 2020 and began procurement of almost £400,000 of PPE (at the time of writing).

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The coaching client numbers have now grown to over 120, with combined turnover in excess of £125 million and we have realised that this group may be able to gain further benefits in the wider market for supplies, products and services.

To this end we are currently discussing the future legal structure of the buying group, the commercial arrangements we may be able to secure in the marketplace and the benefits to members.

In the meantime we have created a robust ordering and communication system for members and hold regular members Zoom calls to answer questions and to give and seek feedback.

Our vision is to extend and grow The Extreme Buying Group through the return to work phases, into 2021 and beyond. This will be in addition to the ongoing evolution of my coaching services in the new world of Dentistry 2.0.

My intention is that our clients will be a community who learn from their collective experience as we navigate these new waters, that we will educate, inform, entertain and maybe even save some money along the way. Oh - and by the way, I’ll be coaching them!

I want you to not only bounce back higher, but to develop a world-class business with the systems and people that can take you to the very summit of achievement.

Whether you want a successful general/ortho practice, a specialist referral practice or to grow a micro-corporate - I'm confident that our Regeneration Programme will get you there in a fraction of the time it would take alone.

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We were not the only buying group to form during lockdown but I made it very clear from the start that I did NOT see this as an additional income stream for Extreme Business and it was purely an added value benefit for coaching clients. Thus, it remains the case that we do not generate any commissions, introducers fees or any other compensation from the buying group - all financial benefits are passed to the members.