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Opening my eyes to the current state of my business and helping me plan future changes. Being able to have access to your vast knowledge of dentistry was helpful in dealing with the running of our practice. After 6 months of working with you, the business in a much healthier position than we started from.

Satya PatelStricklandgate Dental Practice, Penrith The Brief
  • Satya now owns 3 practices in Cumbria and has an ambitious future expansion plan via acquisition
  • My original brief was to assist with the recruitment and training of a business development manager and the successful transition of roles and responsibilities from a retiring practice manager
  • I have also assisted with the integration of the separate practices into a centralised management system
  • I am working with the clinical team on communication skills training
  • I have worked with the business development manager on the implementation of financial reporting systems
Source of client
  • Direct approach from the client

The biggest difference that working with Chris has made is aligning the team towards our business goals and focusing on what makes the difference. Chris is straight talking and great at sharing his knowledge with the team from a third person prospective. We have someone who has 'done it and got the t-shirt' which makes buy in to ideas from senior members of the team much easier.

Harry Gill Envisage Dental The Brief
  • Harry is a former investment banker who opened the business with his dentist wife and with the intention of building a micro-corporate through acquisition
  • He interviewed a number of consultants and coaches and eventually decided to hire me after an initial face to face conversation in Central London and based upon my knowledge and experience
  • I have worked closely with Harry on overall corporate strategy
  • I have worked with his senior management team on the co-creation of monitoring systems for all operational aspects of the business
  • I have worked with the associates on the development of their communication skills
  • I have advised Harry on the deployment of his marketing plan for the Group
Source of client
  • Direct approach from the client after a search on LinkedIn


Working with Chris has allowed me to regain my focus on running a dental business. It has made me more organised, more determined and given me some great direction. All of this has helped my business run more smoothly, more profitably and injected more fun in the process. Wish I had signed up earlier!!!!

Dr Ash Quraishi Westmount Dental Group The Brief
  • Work with internally promoted TCO and Senior Manager to train and coach them
  • Work with location managers to train and coach them
  • Introduce the concept of Lifecycle Marketing and help to implement automated email marketing software
  • Train team on The Patient Journey
  • Offer strategic advice to the owner on the acquisition of other practices in the area
  • Work with owner to implement accurate financial modelling systems
Source of client
  • Referral from existing client

The difference that working with Chris Barrow has made to me is that I have improved my focus on developing the business. I have more confidence now when I make important decisions, resulting in a significant growth in the quality of my professional and personal life.

Hamed Karimi Norfolk Dental Specialistss The Brief
  • Hamed operates a very successful referral-only clinic in Norwich
  • This is our second time of working together
  • The current brief was to assist in the recruitment and training of a business development manager to work alongside the existing and experienced clinic manager
  • I have been working with the business manager for some months on the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan for referring GDP’s
  • I have been working with the clinic manager on a considerable upgrade of the existing financial reporting systems
  • I am advising Hamed on his overall strategy to expand the group via selective acquisition
Source of client
  • Returning client