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There have been a couple of central themes about my client meetings in December (the last two of which will take place today – woo!). feedback that 2017 has been a great year for business – clients sharing stories of growth in sales and profitability; feedback that their 2018 goals are focused on stability and
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Today, I’m looking forward to an uninterrupted day in my basement office, The Barrow Bunker. Days like this are very rare (this one has only happened because of a short-notice change of personal plans) and looking at the blank space in my calendar is making me feel excited. This is what I’ll be doing today:
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On the recommendation of my coach Rachel Turner (and others) I’m currently reading “Deep Work” by Cal Newport and, even though I’m less than half way through the book, I already know that the author has me thinking deeply, questioning the way I work, opening me to change. I’ll not attempt a synopsis of the
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